Do you have credibility problems?

If so, you might want to look for an expert to help out with that.

If you’re an iPhone user, Siri might just be the answer.  There are all kinds of examples of how people are using Siri.  Such a utility!  How can you question such wisdom?

What if you don’t own your own iPhone?  Are you compelled to go out and buy one so that you have your own resident expert?

Before you do, check out ifakesiri  instead!

Here, you can create your own Siri conversation.

As I was playing around, I remembered one of life’s most embarrassing moments for me.  It was a Grade 11 “Speech Arts” class and we were doing impromptu speaking.  We each had to write down a topic on a sheet of paper and put them into a hat.  One after each, we had to go to the hat, pull a sheet of paper, think for three minutes and then speak for five.  Talk about your thinking on your feet.  I still remember the topic I drew that day.


My mind goes blank after reading that.  I must have done something right because I passed the course.  But, imagine if I had the wisdom of Siri and a place to display the results.

OK, so it’s a little bit of fun and maybe not all that practical.  But if you’re creating a lesson or a presentation and need a replica image of Siri or a Siri chat, this is perfect for the job.

Just head to http://www.ifakesiri.com, select your carrier (US only) and create your conversation.  When you click on “Create the Conversation”, the image is drawn.  Since my mind when blank, thanks to this discussion for the above answer.

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