A Tale of Two Hashtags

If you’re going to a conference, and want to connect with the great people there, you can’t beat the informal gatherings that typically involve coffee.  During the conference, I think it’s also important to share your learning and insights with others.  Some folks just can’t attend for whatever reason and yet still are interested in knowing what’s happening.  They just don’t get the coffee.

To the plate comes Twitter.  In short bursts, people offsight can learn vicariously and people onsight can seek out and look for people to meet for that conversation and coffee.  To focus the conversation, the Twitter hashtag makes tracking the conference specific conversations.  As I mentioned earlier, my current favourite tool for doing this is tagboard.

As conference co-chair for ECOO 2013, I always have a tab open to keep an eye on the official hashtag #ecoo13.  A quick scan lets you know who’s interested in the conference and who’s doing the Twittering about it.  Like a good movie, the use of the hashtag in advance of the conference gives a preview of the great stuff to come.

But, before I head off to Niagara Falls, there’s another of my favourite conferences to attend.  MACUL brings together about 4000 educators from Michigan and beyond.  A look at a tagboard for @macul13 gives an idea.

We also live in a world of visuals and the infographic is another tool to visualize what’s happening.  Visual.ly provides a number of tools to easily create your own infographic.  So, I thought – what’s happening with the MACUL hashtag?

So, now I know!  What’s happening with #ecoo13?  We’re still months before the conference but there’s already some chatter happening.

Stay tuned for details!  Got your own hashtag that you’d like to visualize?  Do it here.

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