Learning from Radio

Talking about new ways to learn brought another thing to mind.  I’ve been a subscriber to XM Radio for a few years now.  I really like it, other than the fact that I wish you had the option to just subscribe to one channel!  If that was the case, I’d just subscribe to E StreetContinue reading “Learning from Radio”

OTR Links 03/14/2013

Doug @ VIA Rail Windsor Waiting for The Boy (@ VIA Rail Windsor) http://t.co/LaGy9T2Rfw tags: via:packrati.us Communities | Connected Educators Online directory of connected educators / networks tags: online community evolution A Healthy Community A Healthy Community tags: online community evolution healthy Build for Evolution v tags: online community evolution Common pitfalls and challenges inContinue reading “OTR Links 03/14/2013”