Learning from Radio

Talking about new ways to learn brought another thing to mind.  I’ve been a subscriber to XM Radio for a few years now.  I really like it, other than the fact that I wish you had the option to just subscribe to one channel!  If that was the case, I’d just subscribe to E Street Radio.

Other than music from one of our lifetime’s great artists, it’s just the fact that I’ve learned a great deal just listening to the station.  In particular, there’s a show called “Cover Me” devoted to Bruce Springsteen covers – either other artists who have covered his music or music that he’s covered.

From that, I’ve learned the following…

Blinded By The Light” – I would have sworn that this was an original by Manfred Mann.  Not so!  It was written by Springsteen!

Jersey Girl” – Again, I was wrong.  I would have thought this to be an original Bruce song.  It was originally written by Tom Waits.

And finally, this week, I have a new infatuation.  The tables are turned in the opposite direction.  I heard a version of Springsteen’s “Mansion on the Hill” by The National.  I really liked it and am now on a mission to listen to all of The National I can get.

This is a great find for me and I’ve just got to listen my way through this playlist.

Learning comes from the darnedest places!  What did people do before YouTube?

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