Advertising Isn’t What It Used To Be

In the beginning, there was a big of advertising.  I think that most of us who are connected to the web remember back to when you’d see these little unobtrusive adverts appearing as you worked the web. They took up a little real estate on your screen but, in your heart of hearts, you knewContinue reading “Advertising Isn’t What It Used To Be”

OTR Links 03/23/2013

Twitter / RichardColosi: @tonyvincent ‘s “backronym” … RT @RichardColosi: @tonyvincent ‘s “backronym” for mobile #mls13 #nyscate tags: nyscate mls13 Harlem Shake (MACUL13 Edition) – via @Rockmelt for iPad Harlem Shake (MACUL13 Edition) – via @Rockmelt for iPad tags: New Apple ID Exploit Allows Others to Reset Your Password; Here’s HowContinue reading “OTR Links 03/23/2013”