Go Toronto

Yesterday, @cool_mip and I were playing around with the same Twitter utility. 

I think she says it all when she says "neat stats!".

The utility is called TweepsMap.  It’s one of the fascinating utilities that makes you realize the power of data and what can be done with it.  In this case, TweepsMap goes through your list of followers on Twitter, analyses, and plots the data on a world map. 

I had to check it out.  Here’s what my followers look like when plotted on a world map.  As to be expected, the biggest group of followers come from the United States and Canada.  I’ve shrunk the screen capture to fit into the space on the blog but also up there in numbers is Australia and the United Kingdom.

While the map representation is pretty interesting, a toggle flips to a list view of the countries.  This was of more immediate interest, particularly since the countries in Europe get pretty well mashed together.

Now, it’s time to zero in.  We’re not just limited to countries so let’s look at the Province or State level.  Here, the map view gets pretty cluttered so list view it is.  Tops here are Ontario and California. 

And, finally, to the city.  For those who prefer to remain anonymous, they’ll put in cute little things like "Cyberspace" for a location.  TweetsMap interprets this as "Somewhere".  This is the type of data that I’d discard for times like this so my personal winner is Toronto, Ontario, Canada!  Go Toronto!  The other locations are interesting to check out.

All in all, it’s an interesting way to collect the data from Twitter accounts.

But, even more importantly, it’s speaks volumes about the scope of co-learners online.  There was a time when professional development meant going to the board office or another school or a hall somewhere.  Now, from my keyboard, I have the potential to interact with those little Twitter birds worldwide.  Quite humbling and yet quite exciting.

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