I’d Buy If I Could But I Can’t So I Won’t

I’m out of town at an ECOO meeting.  On the way out, my wife said “buy something nice” for yourself.  She always does that – meaning to buy something less doudy for clothing and I never do.  If I accumulated the price of shirts that I could have bought, it would be a substantial amount of money.

In my Zite News Reader, three of the topics that I check daily are:  Ubuntu, Mac News, and Microsoft.

On a typical day, I get….

Ubuntu – All kinds of things to feed my inner nerd.  Technical, usable, and to the point to support my use of Ubuntu.  Things like “How to Compile Your Own Version of Chromium” which every person really should do at least once to get an appreciation for how things work.

Mac News – Every day there are all kinds of cool, funky, high tech stories about the Macintosh world.  Stories like 46,000 reasons why you shouldn’t complain about the new feature that Apple removed from OS X.

Microsoft – Every day there are largely stories complaining about Microsoft and Windows.  Stories like 46,000 reasons why Macs are better that link back to Apple Fan websites…

OK, tongue out of mouth.

What was really cool today was that there were no stories like that in the Microsoft reading today.  It was all about Microsoft’s Surface.  There’s some really interesting reads.  I devoured the content trying to picture just what this was all about.  I’m inspired!  I’d like to check this out and since I’m awfully close to Toronto, I’d like to take a detour and see it in action.  And, I’ve saved so much money on shirts, I should easily be able to afford it.

But then the reality kicks in.  It’s not going to be available for a while yet.  Sigh.

Well, in the meantime, I’ll have to watch the resource that @alfredtwo shared to the masses.  Maybe when it’s released there will be a Words with Friends ready to go!


OTR Links 06/20/2012

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