The Most Useful Productivity Tool in a Browser

Have you ever done a websearch to find a fact or resource and ended up in a big, long webpage?  It happens to me all the time.  More often that I would care to admit, as I search through a website, I’ll find something else of interest and eventually lose focus on what I was there looking for originally.

For the most part, I tend to use Google Chrome and a quick CTRL-F or Command-F is so helpful when I need to find something in a long webpage.  I read once where CTRL-F/Command-F is one of the great 21st Century Literacies.  I’m not sure that I’d jump on that particular bandwagon but I’ll definitely be on the bandwagon that says it’s a tool that everyone needs to use.  It’s not limited to Google Chrome; any major browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox has got you covered there.

So, if it’s such a great feature, why isn’t there a feature like that for mobile?  Like the next person, I enjoy reading on mobile – it’s lighter, less intrusive but can it ever get frustrating when you’re reading a long webpage.

Until now!

The newest version of the Diigo Browser has it covered.  In addition to a great list of features, it’s got a little “rose” or “wheel” or “Diigo Browser icon” or something that overlays any webpage you’re browsing.  Tapping it opens additional options.

And, wouldn’t you know it – one of the options is a magnifying class – the universal symbol for search.  

You can see that it overlays the Route 1812 site I talked about yesterday.  

Suppose I was interested in where “trail” appears in the document?  Tapping the search tool opens a dialogue asking for text.  Submitting “trail” returns…

How cool is that?  It works equally as well with any webpage or document that you might want to browse.  Productivity just went through the roof and distractions perhaps out the door.

This is but one of a long list of features in the browser.  If you haven’t tried it or haven’t upgraded for a while, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

OTR Links 06/27/2012

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