For the Connected Mobile Classroom – Nearpod

I’m always interested in just how 1:1 will roll out with portable devices.  So, when I heard about Nearpod, I needed to download it and test it here in dougpete labs. It works like a host/client and what really intrigued me from the beginning was the promise that it would act like Net Support School. Continue reading “For the Connected Mobile Classroom – Nearpod”

OTR Links 06/17/2012

21st Century Learning and Teaching | 21st Century Learning and Teaching “Related articles to 21st Century Learning and Teaching as also tools…” tags: learning teaching 13 Tech Sounds You Don’t Hear Anymore If you remember what a modem sounds like, chances are you’re old. And that’s not the only tech sound that’s being quicklyContinue reading “OTR Links 06/17/2012”