A Great Starter Kit

Now, probably the great readers of this blog won't need this but will download and pass it along, I'm sure. When I think of all of the Professional Development activities that I've attended over the years, few really leap out to me as game changers.  However, when I think of the great learning activities that [...]

OTR Links 07/31/2012

100+ Free Internet Resources for Real Teachers in Real Classrooms 100+ Free Internet Resources for Real Teachers in Real Classrooms tags: free internet resources teachers classrooms Unhelpful Teacher Meme | Runt Of The Web If there’s one thing that unites us all, it’s having had a terrible teacher in our lifetime. From the arbitrary application [...]

OTR Links 07/30/2012

20 Hilarious Programming Jargon Phrases You Should Know When Talking To Engineers - Business Insider Jeff Atwood, co-founder of question-and-answer site Stack Exchange, has a huge list of 30 new pieces of programming jargon that have emerged on the question-and-answer site. tags: programming jargon phrases know talking engineers business insider The IPad And Parental Engagement [...]

A Colours Project

This morning, I stumbled into a neat project. Vicky Loras had posted a picture of her purple armchair. Thanks, Vicky Loras - CC Now, normally, I would have looked and moved on but I was interested in this.  A purple chair on a hardwood floor.  I have a daughter who would flip for that combination. [...]

OTR Links 07/29/2012

Kuhcoon | Our Social Media Team Social Media vs Traditional Media Infographic tags: social social media media team Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker! View live flight traffic anywhere in the world. tags: flight radar map traffic aviation travel air maps vWoGo | Games Discover Virtually Anything tags: games 20 Things New Teachers Need to Know [...]

Google – Now with more …

... ways to search on the iPad. For the longest time, I think I was like most people.  When I'd visit the Google site, wishing to conduct a search, I would just tap in the search bar and type with the standard keyboard and then execute the search.  It's functional and normally, that's all that [...]