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I have to blame my son and his girlfriend for this one.  They were over for supper the other night and Andy said “Dad, you’ve got to try this game out.”  So, I started a download and hoped that it would eventually be on my iPad before they left.  (Have I ever mentioned the horrible internet speeds I get here?)

It’s called the Logos Quiz Game and based on a simple premise.

You have a number of different levels, unlocked by successfully completing previous levels.

On each level, you’re presented with a page of logos that you would see in everyday life.  Some are car logos, some restaurants, some clothing, some companies, some airlines, some…  Hopefully, you get the concept.

It’s a simple concept, right?  Well, some are simple.  The app claims to have over 500 logos for you to recognize.  That’s where it gets difficult, very difficult.  Oh, did I mention that key elements have been edited out and you make your guess based upon what’s left?

At present, there are eight levels – I’ve successfully solved six of them.  Level seven is killing me.  I can’t imagine what’s in store for Level eight.

I can’t believe the number of logos that I do recognize.  I guess all of those years of watching Formula 1 is paying off.  After all, how would I know Petronas or Vodofone?

I think it’s the perfect time killer for the weekend.  I may be missing in action until I get all of the levels solved!  There’s an option to Tweet for some assistance.  I may end up resorting to that.

Oh, what the heck?  Here’s one I’m stumped on.  Little help?

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