Leading While Learning – Ontario Educators at ISTE

The annual ISTE Conference was this week.  It’s at a really bad time for Ontario Classroom teachers.  The school year is winding down and so it’s difficult to leave classrooms for a professional development event such as this.  But, consultants and coaches can leave their posts and mingle with educators from around the world.  The very technology savvy of that group try to share their learning with others while away.  That’s the focus for this week’s post.

Day 1 at ISTE 12

Brenda Sherry had the first of the posts that I read about the event.  She focused her thoughts on the connections and the people that she met enroute and at the conference.

Mark Carbone shared his thoughts about being “normal” or not in a technological world.  If you know Mark, you’ll know that he’s multi-dexterous.  Familiar with so many platforms and technologies, he wonders what “normal” is in this day and age.  I thought that was a pretty interesting approach that he took and shared my thoughts in a reply to his post.
Bottom line, I wonder just what “normal” means?  I do know that when I want an answer or someone to bounce a thought off, Mark is one of many at the top of my list.  A guy who carries 57 varieties of mobile technology has just got to know the answer.

Colin Harris seemed to be very active at ISTE.  He tag teamed a presentation about  “A Sustainable Professional Development Model: Blended Learning and Teacher Inquiry ” with Melissa Murray and Kim Stolys.  His activity was expressed mostly via microblogging.  I put together a few of the messages in a Storify document.

My friend and partner at Minds on Media and OTF Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Kelly Moore, had the opportunity to attend.  She was sharing some good content on Twitter as well.  A few of her shares are in this Storify document.
I’m hoping that, as time passes, there will be more sharing and leadings from those fortunate enough to attend and that it gets shared in the Ontario context.

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