Digital Citizenship Posters

Edmodo is a terrific addition to any classroom.  It’s a social network, a classroom sharing environment, a Learning Management System, a collaboration space, a …  You name it.  For many, it’s the perfect education space.

Probably the most attractive feature is that it’s safe.  The fact that it resembles a famous social networking website doesn’t hurt either!

Recently, Edmodo posted a free poster outlining some reminders and advice for students using social networking.  It’s great stuff and I’d recommend downloading, printing, posting, and discussing the points in a serious fashion.  The content is a good reminder for the balance of the school year and to initiate a discussion of sensibilties for the summer.

But, there’s nothing like success.

In a recent blog post, it was noted that the poster had been downloaded 20 000 times in the first week

To continue the success, the poster has been translated to French, Dutch, German, Greek, and Spanish.  That should help get this important message to a wider audience.

It’s truly a worthwhile effort and Edmodo should be commended for doing this and reminding all students of the importance of staying safe online.

I could see extending the concept and having students create their own posters using a desktop publishing program.  There’s nothing more effective in learning that having to actually create something from scratch.  This would make a great end of the year activity or, if you’re planning ahead, one of the first activities for the fall.

There may also be localized issues that could be incorporated and certainly anti-bullying  is worthy of its own bullet point.  With the rumour mill spinning today about that other social networking lowering its age limits for admittance, there’s nothing better than a little proactive education.


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