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I’ve been a big fan of Wallwisher for years.  I was looking through my collection the other day thinking about how I’d used them in the past.  Generally, I use them as a giant brainstorming board for presentations or anywhere I want to have participants share their thoughts.  Here’s one of them.  (blurring done by me)


It looks like a mess and I think that was part of the allure for me.  If you use Post-it Notes for communication, then you get it.  All that you have to do is double click somewhere on the board and a blank note opens and you start typing.

The only problem is that at the end of the event, you’ve got to read the stuff.  You can mouse over the notes to highlight and that’s nice but, as you can see, it still looks like a dog’s breakfast.  Quite frankly, when I’m analysing things, I’ll pick up the notes and move them around in order to have some grouping.   Generally, the order in which a note is placed on the wall doesn’t matter although you can make some intelligent guesses by determining which notes are placed on top of others.

Just today, I received a notice that Padlet (the new name for Wallwisher) had incorporated a new way of having notes.  They call it streaming and it looks like this.

Big changes now.

Create a new board as per normal.  But, go into the Gear and select Layout.  You now have a couple of options.

By choosing the stream options, you invoke the new scheme for layout on your screen.  Now, it doesn’t matter where you double click to start a new note – it will always be placed in order and lined up with other notes.  Very neat and tidy.  You can still pick up a note and move it around but it will always be kept in order.

It’s a great feature that will be handy for reviewing the notes after the fact.  If you’re a Padlet user, give it a shot and see if you don’t like this new feature.  Now that you have a choice, where would you use each?

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  1. Oh, you have NO idea – when children in Grade 5 and 6 are putting things up, I actually have a student who sits at my laptop and arranges as we go, so nobody’s gets covered up (’cause that would be bad!). Glad you liked our padlet – there will be a French one or two coming this month!


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