History in Google Earth

This past week, just in time for Earth Day, Google revealed something interesting in Google Earth. It’s the option to view the earth in a time lapse format for the past 37 years. My, things have changed. When you land on the page, there are five highlighted, high profile topics to be played. And, they’reContinue reading “History in Google Earth”

Keys to the Kremlin

No, it’s not an election campaign.  It’s another game of Carmen Sandiego playable on top of Google Earth. Like the previous games, it’s written and played like the original game from years gone by … just in or on Google Earth. In a Candy Crush world, it’s wonderful to see a throwback to the screenContinue reading “Keys to the Kremlin”


Who doesn’t enjoy fiddling about with Google Maps?  It’s just so much fun to explore.  Should you ever get bored with that, click on the Google Earth image in the bottom left corner of the screen. We all know what happens – your flat maps turns into imagery of the earth and that opens upContinue reading “Fiddling”

Building a Tour

One of my reads this morning landed me, with interest, at a new Google experiment.  In this case, it’s called Tour Builder.  It was released for Remembrance Day and there are some nice tours already in place to explore. I thought that I would explore it a bit and see what I could do. YouContinue reading “Building a Tour”


Another one of my enjoyments is Geography.  I’ve always been a sucker for a new atlas or watching a meterologist do her/his thing during the news.  I love looking through Google Earth and each time that I do, I recall geography learning from secondary school.  I get a kick watching the Geography Channel where aContinue reading “GeoBee”