How do you foster technological innovation?

In the past month, I enjoyed both the Harrow Fair and the Western Fair in London.  One of the things that you’ll find at any good fair is the midway filled with fair food, the newest in farm equipment, and of course, those games.  You know them – Whack a Mole, throwing darts at balloons, shootingContinue reading “How do you foster technological innovation?”

Saved by the Web (again)

Sometimes, you just get so busy that you forget things.  Most recently for me, I had forgotten to fill out the application form for the OTF Summer Institutes.  Thankfully, I was at the OTF Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century session last week and Siria was there to give me a prod reminding meContinue reading “Saved by the Web (again)”

Who is Twittering?

When I introduce colleagues to Twitter, the question inevitably ends up being, how do I get people to follow me and who should I follow. My typical response is to take a look at who I’m following and check out their home on Twitter and then their blog or website that they’ve included in theirContinue reading “Who is Twittering?”

Group Conversations

There are huge potential when all of the elements start to come together. When people talk about the Read/Write web (sometimes called Web 2.0), they get excited with the potential of anyone becoming a potential publisher of information. Witness the explosion of blogs. In a previous life, people posted web pages and those of usContinue reading “Group Conversations”