Countdown to Christmas

It’s that time of year where you’re reminded that we’re counting down to Christmas at every turn.  For me, it was a toss-up for dirtiest classroom moments with Hallowe’en.  I didn’t forbid candies in my classroom and somehow I always thought that there would be a bit of reciprocation of putting wrappers in the garbage can.

Wrong again, Doug!

Moving along…

I do remember one year I was being particularly creative and had a self-created Computer Science Advent Calendar on one of my bulletin boards.  I thought I was being particularly genius introducing the concept.  But, everyone saw through it; it was just a veiled attempt at something educational.  I did a lot of work researching builders and even more work coming through with some activities to go with each of them.

This was long before research is just a simple Google search away for each.

Speaking on the Internet, if there’s something that can be made digital, it will be.

So, it should not be a surprise that the NorthPole has gone digital.  (Flash required)

Screenshot 2018-12-02 at 09.14.40.png

So, Santa’s Secret Village is there for all to explore.

There are lots of puzzles, writing activities. crafts, cooking, weather, …

Take a few moments to look around and enjoy.

Digital sure makes my bristol Advent calendar look pretty lame.

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