Whew! I can stay

I’ll admit.  This was waaaay harder than I expected.

It’s from the Citizenship Challenge

There are two entry points – one for schools, teachers, and students where you log in and create a class to get access to the test and learning materials.

In my case, I just participated in the shortened quiz that doesn’t require you to log in.  I was presented with 10 questions and to pass the test, you need 75%.  (Doing the mathematics, that means at least 8 out of the 10 correct)

Honestly, the joy of this test was that it made me dig way back in my mind.  I hadn’t thought about the “Family Compact” in years.  Actually, a lot of years.  Maybe back in high school?

Fortunately, you get your results immediately.  It’s frustrating to think that I had to guess once or twice!

But, now motivated, I kept trying until I got my 10 out of 10.

Thanks, https://morguefile.com

How do you think you’ll do?

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