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As we sit here waiting for 2019, I decided that I’d take a look back at the blog for the past year. I could do analytics to find the most popular posts but, in these days of spammers, do they really mean anything?

Instead, I decided to pull up blog posts for a month at a time and identify the blog post for that month that I have memories of. Good, bad, indifferent, analytics – whatever strikes my fancy.

You can check out any individual month by clicking on its name. And, hey, it was a chance to use the Drop Cap option of the new WordPress editor.

There are some posts that aren’t in the running because they’re just fun to write. These include:

These posts all are so special that they’re all indexed above if you’re interested in checking them out.

Enjoy my look back.


Who said that?

This was a little test to see if you could identify the commenter based upon their comment only.


Historical Pinned Pictures

You only have to be around this blog for a while to know that I have a weakness for maps. Pinning images to locations is just cool.



A mapping of indigenous communities. There was so much to learn from this.


London-ish’s Edu-Royalty

As I prepared to attend EdCampLDN, some thoughts about the contacts I have there.


Election education issues

As we headed into the Provincial Election, Paul McGuire had started a list of topics that educators need to be aware of.


Gnome Tossing

All work and no play ….


Some serious drop and dragging

Far and away the best session from the CSTA Conference for me.


Playing catch up

My thoughts about how my education had let me down with respect to knowing and understanding indigenous issues.


On Friday

My thoughts about #FollowFridays and how they should work.


A Hallowe’en Playlist

The best music for the scary night.


About Self-promotion

A bit of a rant about people who live on social media to promote themselves without engaging anywhere or making things better for anyone else.


A month of command line fun

Lest you think that I’ve lost my geeky soul.

So, how did I do?

Do you have a favourite post of mine that should have made the list?

Have a safe and Happy New Year.

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OTR Links 12/31/2018

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.