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Happy last school Friday of the school year. I hope that it’s an enjoyable day for you and that you’re looking forward to recharging over the next couple of weeks.

And, of course, getting some inspiration from Ontario Edubloggers.

December Reflections

Inspired by a post from Lynn Thomas last week, Lisa Cranston wrote a short post to let us know some of the major things that happened in her life this past year.

  • got her PhD (she looks good in purple)
  • published a book
  • got introduced to podcasting via voicEd Radio
  • presented at the Bring IT, Together conference

It definitely was a busy year for her bringing all this to fruition. Congratulations and I hope you’ve left some room to learn even more in 2019.

Combatting Christmas Craziness: Are You With Me?

I’m not sure the general public fully realizes how teachers earn their dollar and a quarter during the month of December. So many things just appear to happen by magic, leaving kids so excited as a result.

Aviva Dunsiger shares a wonderful picture of what most people think of preparation for the holiday season.

But then …

A reminder that the time of season isn’t necessarily the same for all students.

Never Bored with Board Games

The Christmas season is a time around here to bring out the board games and have some killer competitions to prove your superiority. (It’s not that we’re competitive at all…)

The typical game fare around here would be things like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, or Malarky.

In Diana Maliszewski’s Board Games club that meets regularly, they go even further. This post introduced me to a whole new slew of games…

  • Numbr9
  • Codenames
  • Looping Louie
  • Dixit
  • Tsuro
  • Ice Cool

None of which I’d ever heard of before. I’m going to have to take a trip into town and check them out.

It’s a neat concept, probably only available if your school is located close to this vendor but having a company come in and introduce a few new games is absolutely wonderful. (and good marketing)

Sit Back and Enjoy

Virtual Reality has always been “the promise” on the next horizon for educational environments. Eva Thompson lets us know how it works with her recent trips.

I really did laugh out loud when she described the students’ reactions and acceptance of what she was offering. I could have written the same descriptor from watching grown up teachers work in virtual reality at the Bring IT Together conference at the station run by Tim and Max King.

It seems to me that there are two environments in play here.

  • the virtual environment that the person wearing the headset is enjoying
  • everyone else looking at that person and their response to the stimulus they’re enjoying. That person ever stands or sits still

When you’re on the outside looking in, you just have to laugh. Eva weaved a great description of what it looked like to her from a teacher perspective.

The Podcast Broadcast – This week, it’s all about music!

When you look at the podcast collection on voicEd Radio, there really is a nice big and diverse collection.

The only real theme is that they’re all related to education somehow.

But, Paul McGuire saw a different theme that he took to his own latest podcast – music.

He saw that thread in podcasts from

  • Gavin Foster
  • Bedley Brothers
  • Shane Lawrence
  • Mark Carbone

and brought it all together in his own podcast. What’s interesting is you can read the post and then listen to the podcast or vice versa. I like that approach.

In my case, I read the post before the podcast was even posted.

In response to “Best of Both Worlds”

Recently, I had written a blog post about my feelings about blogging and podcasting. As you probably know, this blog post comes out Friday morning at 5:00am but on Wednesday at 9:15, Stephen Hurley and I do a radio show and chat about some of these posts at that time. Stephen records the show and puts it up for later download and listen is anyone is interested.

My reflection lead to one of his own by Peter Cameron. I think we’re kindred souls and I absolutely agree with…

My podcasts are anything but perfect

Is it the fact that we have backgrounds as educators that nothing less than perfection will do?

I still get that awkward feeling in my stomach as I move my cursor up and click…

OK, technically, it’s this button but you get the concept.

It’s the same feeling I get when Stephen has got his coffee and says “Stand by” at precisely 9:14:30.

But, Peter, if you didn’t put yourself out there, all the great ideas and thoughts that you have would go unheard in the educational world.

Forget the rules of education; you’re not being marked, you’re inspiring others. There’s no greater tribute that could be said about your work.

Keep it up.

A Model for Student Achievement

I really like this model put forth by Regan Morris about the 21st Century Competencies that we hear about so often.

That part that is often missing in the discussion is typically a way to bring it together, assembling various components. Regan does this in the diagram shared with this post.

There was another observation that I think is crucial for success.

 In order for this to be successful in the classroom, teachers themselves need to practice the Global Competencies.  This also can’t happen in isolation, but needs to be a part of the school culture.

So, let’s let Regan leave us with a thought to ponder over the next while.

Is this the culture in your school?

I hope that you enjoy these blog posts and that they get you moving and thinking on this Friday. Please take the time to click through and enjoy them at their original source.

While This Week in Ontario Edublogs on voicEd Radio won’t appear next Wednesday (we’ll all be out at Boxing Day sales…), there probably will be a blog post next Friday. I like what Lynn Thomas and Lisa Cranston have done to highlight their past year. If you’re looking for a writing inspiration, why not take their lead and answer the challenge. Tag me with your post; it would be nice to include it here.

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