An Easy Polling Program

On the heels of yesterday’s suggestion for an application for BYOD classes, I’d like to offer this quick and easy polling application.

Like yesterday, you don’t need “an app for that”; just access to the web.  kwiqpoll quickly and easily lets you create a polling question, open the poll, collect and display the results, and the poll expires either after 3 or 7 days.

No more clicking devices or complicated setup.  In fact, as I played around with this, I thought of my students who, in a practice teaching placement, would email me over and over in the evening trying to set up polls with another product.  They agreed it was too much for the benefit and just had the students put their heads down and raise their arms to vote.

To create a poll, just head over to the kwiqpoll site and start working…

Enter your question and up to five possible answers.  While the traditional way of doing a poll requires work in advance because of the complexity of setup, this poll could be done right in front of your class so they see it created live.

Once you fill out the poll (the mathematical question ensures that you’re a human…), you’re presented with a poll URL.

 Have your audience go to that URL and they’re ready to respond.

It’s just a matter of choosing the desired response.  Note the math question again to make sure this is a real person.


The results are returned immediately.  What could be easier for collecting quick responses electronically.

You can try my poll by clicking here.

How sweet is that?

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  1. Thanks for this, l am very fond of web-based tools, and especially ones where I can create the page in front of my students ( they love picking backgrounds on padlet). Transparency is amazing!


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