Word Clouds on the iPad

I can't ignore a good deal and I like visualizations.  Today, I had a chance to enjoy both! Cloudart was available for free on Friday - so I downloaded it - I can't ignore that.  I've had some people ask for recommendations for a word cloud generator for the iPad so it seemed natural to … Continue reading Word Clouds on the iPad


A First Look at Scrawlar

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs are very powerful web-based products. They work so nicely in the classroom - provided the students have email addresses, are able to work with the powerful products and find the menu items that do what they need to do.  Then, there's the sharing and the hand-ins and ... From … Continue reading A First Look at Scrawlar

Deja Drop

  One of the most read post on this blog occurred on August 27, 2011.  At that time, I talked about using Dropbox as a Hand-in Folder for the classroom.  It's a great concept...a student uses the website Dropitto.me to send a file from your computer to her/his teacher.  No more relying on USB keys … Continue reading Deja Drop