Been there, done that, still like it…

So, I was reading in Zite and people mentioning this wonderful web application called Flipsnack.  I went to the website, read a little bit, and thought “This is way cool”.  I know what I could do with it.

  • I could export my blog (say the month of October) from WordPress as an XML file;
  • I could upload that file to Blogbooker to create a PDF file of my blog;
  • I could then upload that to Flipsnack and create a flippable version of my blog.

As I got to the third step, I got this strong deja vu feeling.  The process seems so familiar…

I flipped over to my blog management tool and did a search for Flipsnack.  Man….  I had done all of this before AND blogged about it.  It goes back to May and the title was “Wish We’d Blogged More“.  The concept was to create a flippable book of student blogs to close off the year.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  The more that I think about it, the more I like the concept so let me recover from my Groundhog Day moment and say this should serve as inspiration to start blogging now and continue throughout the year so that you can create a great flippable blog book at the end of the year.  How’s that?

Oh, and just so that the work doesn’t go to waste … here’s the link to my October blog posts.

OTR Links 10/29/2011

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