Ontario Educators Group Grows

Back home again from an incredible two days of ECOO and another one of Minds on Media, I’m just getting a chance to check my email.  I can’t believe that I only had a chance to take a glance at it while at the ECOO Conference.  A skim up and down the inbox where I got notifications of new followers in Twitter, I see 136+ new names.  Most of these I recognize immediately from the recent opportunity to see folks face to face at the conference.

The big number is interesting.

It is the result of a planned, concerted effort that I found out last night as I sat down and chatted with my friend Brenda.  

Unbeknownst to me, I contributed to it just by being my regular helpful self.  I answered a tweet from @MKGoindi.

Who would have guessed that me innocently answering that question would lead to what happened?….well apparently almost everyone at the conference except me.  I had fallen right into a carefully planned trap that everyone had managed to keep secret for quite a while.  You see, these ribbons were distributed to people throughout the conference, behind my back, while I was learning.  

To the best of my knowledge, it happened while I was learning with @shannoninottawa and her Lead Learning session.

What followed was a barrage of tweets to try and get something trending in Canada.  Fortunately, I had an archive of my mentions created in my Evernote account so I can now leisurely sit back and enjoy some of the messages.  There were a lot of well crafted and witty messages.  Some that I read and captured appear below.

Anyway, you get the concept!  Like most things like this, it started a bit and then snowballed.  Everyone tried to outwit the next person.  When it was all done, there was a moment in time that the comments were trending in Canada.  @snbeach managed to hit it at the right time and grab a screen capture.  My thanks and appreciation to all that participated.  What a way to bring everyone at a conference together on a theme and I met loads of new people Friday and Saturday who wanted to show me that they were wearing the tag.  I did finally get my hands on one and @royanlee‘s sister in Philadelphia will get one in the mail next week.

On the drive home, I started to think about this.  The fact that I was included brought a smile to me and I know that it will take quite a while to add all of these new folks to the Ontario Educators list but it will be done.  I started to think about the bigger picture.  We know that Ontario Educators are doing amazing things in classrooms across the province.  It was mentioned a few times by our keynote speakers.  Just look at what this little experiment in Twittering did.  A group in a hotel room in Markham put their minds to it and made the trending thing happen.  What could happen if we take that energy and enthusiasm and turn it into amazing new ways to reach out and engage the students of the province?  Can we make that mindset trend?

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