Do I now have a solution?

If you’ve been following me, you know that I’ve had problems with Mac OS X 10.7.# in revs 0, 1, and now 2.  In fairness, the lockups that I’ve been having have dramatically dropped since the update to 10.7.2.  But, there was one problem that persists quite regularly.  It was iTunes which was the latest bad actor on the computer.

When I would launch the application, it would appear to start but then nothing would happen or the screen would appear and the spinning beachball/pizza of death would just do its spinning thing.  Frustrated, I would bring up the Force Quit window where I was informed that iTunes was not responding.  Well, duh!  For a while, I would just quit the application but bizarrely, if I tried to launch it again, it would start (after a while) and work properly.  I did try once doing a cold start and waited for about 10 minutes and the application would function.  So, it appears that things were just working, albeit incredibly slowly.

With the iCloud services in 10.7.2, I thought that there might be synchronizing issues but I could turn it on and off and the problem persisted.  So, I had resigned myself to waiting for an update to 10.7.3 or more.

Then, I stumbled upon this article in my morning reads.

Fix a Lion file-opening hang in Mac OS X 10.7.2

I literally snapped to attention as I clicked over to the article.  Then, it was like lunch-bag let down as the article makes reference to an application that I don’t have installed – Acorn.  But, I go ahead and read the article anyway.

The circumstances sound precisely like what I’m experiencing except for a different application.  Hmmmm.

What the heck?  Let’s give it a try.  The instructions are pretty straight forward.  I’m just looking for a folder called Ubiquity located at:

~/Library/Application Support/

I find the folder and my logged in name did, in fact, have the proper permissions attached.  Rats.

So, I went to the next step and dragged the Ubiquity folder to my desktop and restarted the computer.  I took a peek and OS X recreated the folder where it was supposed to be and there were similar but not exact contents inside the folder.  

Now, for the acid test.  I start iTunes and it’s almost like “instant on” and it’s ready to rock.  The speed was almost blinding.  I couldn’t believe it but sure enough, the program was working well and playing my music like the good ol’ Snow Leopard days.

Now, I’m not ready to trash the original Ubiquity folder yet – I’ll tuck it away for a while (probably forever as I’ll forget) – but the whole process seems to make things work really nicely.  

My initial digging around seems to indicate that Ubiquity is related to iCloud so I’m wondering if I’ve just pushed a problem down the timeline or maybe I’ve been proactive and am preventing one. 

Who knows, but for this moment in time, I’m happy with the way things are working and I haven’t been since I upgraded to 10.7 in a hotel room in Toronto this summer.  So, why am I posting this here?  I like to share my learning and my success stories in case someone else is in the same boat.

p.s. Read about another user who experienced the same thing here.


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  1. That’s good news Doug. I hope that resolves the problem for good. I have resisted upgrading to Lion because of concers like you have described.


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