ECOO, Day 2

What a Day 2 this year’s ECOO was!  From a Skype session with George Couros in Alberta to a closing keynote that helped consolidate the process and the thinking that inspired us from the opening keynote, we were continually pushed to open our eyes to the new thinking that is so important.  Plus, right after lunch, we had a rematch of the OLA Web 2.0 Faceoff, customized for the ECOO audience.  My notes follow…

Connected to Lean Learning Communities

Shannon Smith, George Couros

  • Video conference with George Courostwo hour time delay between Ontario and Alberta
  • George assigned to central office
  • Connecting and building relationships with students
  • Comment from Will Richardson, “So you’re not intro sharing” – moved from marks to Delicious
  • Jump into conversations
  • Portfolio for kindergarten kids
  • Moved the concept of connecting with kids developing portfolios to the district level to help build a positive digital identity
  • No kid goes home to log onto the Division website – move to other social media platforms
  • Shift to a Learning Organization philosophy – learning comes first
  • Focus on the student first
  • Kids need to see that not everything is perfect when you start but that you do start and then strive for perfection
  • Superintendent was on Twitter and led the way for other principals to get accounts
  • In order for all classrooms to change, organizations need to change first
  • Let innovators be innovators – don’t quash the effort
  • Google document collaborated upon by participants at:

The OCT Advisory on Social Media

  • The document is advice not policy from the College of Teachers
  • Assumes that teachers are ethical practitioners who want to use technology in a responsible manner
  • 28 revisions to the document before it went public
  • Predicated on Standards for Ontario Teachers
  • Ross v New Brunswick is the legal case reference
  • “A teacher can not take his teaching hat off at the door”
  • The test is reasonableness
  • Paul Fromm v College of Teachers is the Ontario
  • Private versus Professional – onus on members, off-duty conduct matters, exercise caution, act professionally
  • YouTube video of member’s thought
  • Talked about how social media discussion accelerates to informal casual dialog where it is difficult to distinguish between student and teacher
  • Rules about the duty to report on the employer
  • Demonstration of the OCT Facebook page
  • 857 people “like” the OCT Facebook page
  • Advice about how to Minimize your risks – discussion about tagging you in a photo –
  • Helping out through a LMS is different than helping through a chat client
  • Teacher Facebook stream showing a party in the middle of a discussion about homework
  • OCT has a YouTube Channel –
  • Importance of understanding professional boundaries can make social media very powerful

Google Carousel

  • This was a pretty amazing session.  Teachers who are using Google applications for a myriad of purposes had displays up around the room.  You just got the opportunity to observe, wander, and wonder how they could be used.  The genius of these tools is that they are so easy to use and yet with imagination, amazing things can happen.  I didn’t take specific notes; there was no time but I was really impressed with what I saw.

Web 2.0 Faceoff

  • The original group from the OLA Web 2.0 Faceoff was back for a rematch.  Team Zoe took on Team Doug (we beat them! ).  It was an opportunity to share with the audience very quickly the power of some of the Web 2.0 tools that we like.  It was fun to team up with Colleen and Rick again.  The commentators were changed – this time Peter Skillen and Brenda Sherry were the commenters and they worked with the teams and did a nice job.  Period 3 was a little different with us draughting members from the audience to share their favourites.  I thought that it went over really well.
  • The website for the faceoff is at:

Closing Session

Leslie Connery

  • ISTE Global Membership – Ontario has a lot to be proud of
  • ISTE conference in San Diego
  • – recognize Peter Skillen and Brenda Sherry
  • It was great that ISTE recognized the importance of having someone attend the ECOO Conference.

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach 

  • What did you learn?
  • Ready Set Learn
  • “He who learns from one who is learning, drinks from a flowing river.”
  • Hotels needs to learn how to support this type of learner
  • @taniasterling we are what we share
  • Jeopardy game
  • Know your content inside and out – TPACK incorporates Content, Pedagogy, Knowledge
  • How can you tell if passion based learning works?  Research on the plpwiki
  • Model for Professional Development in the 21st Century is very messy
  • Connected Learner Scale – share, connect, remix, collaborate, collective action
  • Do you know what who you know knows?
  • Penguin winner – Kate Webber, Cathy Novosad (I’m jealous that she won so many door prizes!)
  • Everyone is an agent of change

Then, there was the issue with the ribbons and the trending.  My thoughts about that at a later time!

If you didn’t walk away from this conference humbled and inspired to up your game, you missed the boat!  Again, kudos to the organizers for planning and executing such a wonderful event.

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