ECOO, Day 1

What a spectacular Day 1 for ECOO.  The organizing team really needs to be commended.  Session after session were so motivating and exciting.  At every turn, every need seemed to be anticipated and addressed for attendees.  It was also a great day of friendship renewals and an opportunity to see Twitter friends face to face for the first time.  I was going to keep a list but it became unmanageable and I just know that if I try to go from memory, I’ll forget someone and I don’t want to slight anyone.

At the end of the day, it is time to realize just how tired an aggressive schedule can make you.  Throughout the day, I took some notes of my observations from the sessions — thank you Evernote.  They appear below.  I even got the opportunity to present my own session to a nicely filled Thornhill Room.  As a presenter, you’re always so appreciative of people that would take the time to visit your session.  My presentation “Web that Works” is online here if anyone is interested.

Straight from Evernote are my notes for the sessions that I attended.  I just wish I could have attended more.

Morning Plenary Session

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson

  • Taking back the language of learning
  • what is the new model for success?
  • easy connection between passion to learn and the resources to learn it
  • many teachers in our lives
  • 5 billion people connected to web in 2012
  • teachers or predators
  • break into a group and work on topics from the wiki
  • scott mcleod quote about connection
  • posture of a learner – learn from kids
  • linking, lurking, learning, leading 
  • Brenda and Peter have the hearts of a learner

Facebook in the Classroom

Mark Carbone

  • Junior achievement Ethics survey
  • Principals and Social Networkin Report 2010 
  • Easy to build a case for the use of social media
  • Honours the student voice
  • Student Voice – Digital Citizenship Day – students focused on learning; administrators focused on rules and regulations
  • Facebook as an instructional tool
  • conversational writing
  • sharing poetry
  • homework support groups
  • peer review of student movie trailers
  • Blog style posts
  • shared art gallery
  • discussion of global issues
  • math/science challenge questions
  • facebook groups
  • teacher fan pages for schedules, homework, test dates
  • department pages to promote new learning offerings
  • digital citizenship discussions – online safety
  • Personal Facebook site versus a Professional Facebook site
  • Consideration of personal boundaries
  • Discussion about age restriction for access to Facebook – Create a group for the class – invite a fellow teacher – let the students know the name of the group and they’re in
  • use of screen capture to grab inappropriate comments – turn alerts on so that you know when something new is posted
  • no need to have a new AUP – policies in place were acceptable for their implementation
  • create a new group for subsequent years
  • monitoring reveals over 1M hits on Facebook a day from WRDSB

Creating a Positive Digital Footprint

Diana Maliszewski
  • How much do you want to be transparent?
  • Think about the voice in the back of your head before you click post.  Where will the post end up?
  • If your account is hacked, what does that tell the hacker about you?
  • There are positive and negative things out there.
  • How do we avoid losing control of ourselves?
  • Build your own digital identity
  • Lots of discussions about why some people are open and transparent and why others prefer to be more private
  • Use of Google Search stories to build your own identity
  • Places to build an identity – Twitter, personal blogs, wikis, personal websites, official publications
  • How do you determine if something goes public or is private?  Private makes it OK for students to make mistakes?
  • OSAPAC licensed Passport to the Internet 

Over lunch, we had a structured conversation in the World Cafe 

  • How can we address ableism so we can all learn safely?
  • What kind of Learning model to move PD forward 

Freshly Minted Software

Danuta Woloszynowicz 

  • Activity identifying what OSAPAC titles that you’ve used in your classroom this year
  • Why do some titles not have teacher take home rights?
  • Focus on Pixie 3
  • This year:  Licensed 5 new titles
  • subscription renewed to 2 existing titles
  • OSAPAC sponsored PD sessions
  • tied more titles to curriculum expectations
  • surveyed the province
  • linked software titles to movie tutorials
  • provided feedback to software developers about how they can make their products better 

    Then, we closed off with a fun get together with a focus on gaming.  You haven’t played Angry Birds until you’ve played it on a SMART Board….or any of the other games that were set up around the room during the social.


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