My Benefits of Publishing

I happened upon this post this morning while doing my morning reading and tucked it aside for later.

5 Lucrative Benefits of Publishing Blogs Every Week

I didn’t know what to expect – the use of the word “Lucrative” was interesting since what I do around here is anything but lucrative. It’s an interesting article and I know that there are some people who do, in fact, blog for a living or to supplement their other income.

The five points from the article:

  • Increase your followers
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Get to the top of Google rankings 
  • Return on investment
  • Help in traffic and conversions 

As I read the article, I could see that it was clearly not for me. I’m not trying to monetize anything – unless you want to send me some …

The fact that I blog at all is kind of amazing. In school, I absolutely hated English and French classes. It wasn’t for the teachers; I had some of the school’s best but reading assignments were based upon class sets that were in inventory and writing was never done for the fun of writing; there was clearly a purpose for doing whatever was assigned. I took great joy in helping a weeding once and threw out some of the books that were a mainstay when I was in high school!

When university came along, most of my friends went to Western where they offered a huge program but all of them had requirements that sounded kind of English-work-like to them. Waterloo seemed perfect; you could just study mathematics and computer science. For Grade 13, I took three mathematics and three science courses and tossed in one of the English classes just in case I wasn’t able to get six credits in what I really wanted. It turns out that English was not the lowest of the marks that year. Who knew?

Mathematics was always special with my dad. On weekends, I got to go into his workplace to help out and it was largely calculations. Like him, I’d do them mentally and then check on an adding machine. (yes, I meant adding machine) Even on car rides, he’d toss out mathematics and estimation questions as we were driving. It helped pass the time and now I can truly appreciate that it instilled a love of mathematics in me.

Back to blogging.

I do blog these days. I do a lot of writing and most of it is public facing so that I can share it with anyone who cares to look. Numbers aren’t important and comments are nice but more and more people read on phones and tablets where dashing off a note can be a challenge.

So, I thought about what my five benefits of publishing would be.

  • I get to “meet” new people
    • it’s quite impressive when I reflect on the number of people that I’ve met just because they found this blog one way or the other. It has turned into opportunities to speak in various places and work with others that I would never knew existed otherwise
  • I remember better
    • I’ve always found that, when I write something down, I remember it better. I’ve been writing to this blog for over a decade and often a search of my own blog gives me more useful results than a wide open internet search
  • I’m actually starting to write
    • Unlike the old me, I truly get to write instead of having to write. I pick the topics except on Fridays. I like to think that it’s OK writing – no English teacher has really marked me but I had one of my blog posts reposted on a professional site once and learned a great deal about style and format when I saw how my work morphed to fit in with their standards
  • I get to have an opinion on just about anything
    • At times, I feel like an opinion writer for a newspaper. If you take a serious look at newspapers and their websites, they’re more like a glorified blog post than what newspapers used to look like. If I get the facts wrong or someone doesn’t like what I wrote, I can just delete their comment (in theory anyway – comments are blogging currency and you can never have enough)
  • I’ve become smarter
    • I follow a lot of other amazing bloggers and my Friday This Week in Ontario Edublogs is a joy to write. I may never get to meet a lot of the people that are featured there personally but I’m so much the richer for having read their efforts and I know that I’m smarter as a result. Since we’re talking “Lucrative”, that may be the most lucrative thing that I’ve done for myself in years

I suppose that there are really good reasons to blog if you’re working for a company and your blog is used to monetize things. I’d also like to think that there are good reasons for hobbyists like myself to sit down every day and do some personal writing just for yourself.

It’s worked for me and I have to give a tip of my hat to other educators who have done so and continue to this day. Of course, it fits nicely into the curriculum when you see the light.

If you have a moment, how about dropping off your thoughts about blogging below. If you’re a blogger, share your thoughts or write a response on your blog as a reflection. If I’m completely wrong, let me know as well. I promise not to delete it.

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