Identifying mushrooms

Jaimie and I were out for our morning walk the other day and noticed this gentleman standing out in a field looking at something. It really was odd.

We waited until he walked away and I took this picture.

I actually thought it quite weird. The objects were arranged in a circular pattern over a section of grass that was really green as opposed to the other area that had started to turn brown. It was like a crop circle; only with mushrooms.

Now, I’m not a fan of eating mushrooms so I didn’t know if that’s what they were or whether they might be toadstools. My wife, who does enjoy them, said “Oh, they’re mushrooms!”

Who am I to argue? But, what kind. Surely, there must be an answer. Talk about your wormholes. I ended up in the Android store where there are all kinds of applications that let you identify and do other things with mushrooms. I thought I’d treat myself to a download and so read some descriptors and decided on this one – Shroomify – Canada Mushroom Identification.

Now, I had no idea what I was going to do so I just started with Identify Fungi and went through a series of questions.

The result was nothing too exotic. After working my way through a series of buttons, I had my answer.

They ended up being identified as Meadow Mushrooms. I’m OK with that. I really wasn’t looking for a pizza topper. It was just interesting to have a question and easily reach out and find a solution for it.

They were still in place today so I guess nobody else was interested in cutting and cooking with them either.

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