Saying sorry

I had in mind what I was going to blog about this morning. Our premier was in the Windsor area and there are a couple of big pressing things that he needed to address.

Acute Care Hospital – the land has been set aside for a couple of years now and yet is still being challenged by those who want to keep the old hospital which is landlocked

Stellantis – the recent announcement of the reduction to one shift will result in many layoffs there and the plants that feed materials have yet to be heard from

Premier promises ‘huge’ investment in Windsor, Ont. auto plant after shift cuts

So, I had watched the news in the evening to hear his assurances that both of these issues would be addressed and then there appeared to be a moment where he went off script.

As I opened my computer this morning to do my scan of the news, I read this article first thing

Toronto woman apologizes after racist rant at Tim Hortons

Normally, I wouldn’t share that on my timeline but it was something that immediately made sense for what I wanted to blog about.

Back to the Premier’s visit and his other comment…

Doug Ford asked to apologize over ‘divisive’ comments about immigrants

We’re dealing with all kinds of issues as a society and there appears to be progress. It just seems to me that this can all come crumbling down when the leader of the province makes a comment like that and it’s caught by the news media and shared for all of us.

Of course, it becomes fodder for the other political parties as we move towards a new provincial election. It really should become a question for those within his party as well.

Certainly, it shouldn’t have been said in the first place. Even if it came as a slip, it could easily have been addressed at the moment. The third alternative would be to come out with an official apology just like the person at the Tim Hortons restaurant.

Somehow, I see this video clip being replayed over and over as the election campaign starts to heat up.

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