My Week Ending 2021-10-24

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week. They’re posted to the blog daily under the title OTR Links.


  • How to upgrade to Windows 11 if you can’t wait. I’m just going to wait; I’m very happy with Windows 10
  • I suspect that we’ve all seen things that aren’t quite there in Google Maps and I understand why. But, God’s guitar pick had me interested


  • This just floored. Apple releases a $19 polishing cloth – $25 Canadian. I bet you don’t order two
  • I totally understand the need for this. Years ago when I actually used an iPad, I bought an external keyboard that also served as a kickstand


  • Here’s the scoop – why Doug Ford stopped taking French lessons – or at least the excuse given for doing so
  • This was news to me – I didn’t know that Microsoft Teams had a wiki tool available


  • This is a good checklist of questions to ask yourself if you’re in the market for a new laptop
  • If you’re using the Brave browser, you may have experimented with their search engine; now it’s going to be the default


  • This is great news for delivery drivers – no more peeing at the side of the road
  • One of the most productive things that I ever did for myself is learn how to have more than one desktop on my computer – here’s how it’s done in Windows 10


  • Ontario isn’t the only place that messed up on license plates; check out what happened in Ohio
  • A Cardboard Challenge – something that should find its way into many classrooms


  • A cool use for a drone – checking out the light from the greenhouses in Essex County
  • Great parenting advice for parents and maybe as a result, they’ll start to enjoy Mathematics until school ruins it

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#FollowFriday – October 22, 2021

voicEd Radio

This is a mostly weekly radio conversion with Stephen Hurley on voicEd Radio where we talk about some recent writing from Ontario Education bloggers. It turns into a Friday blog post. Here are the people you need to be following.

Featured Bloggers:

  • Cameron Steltman – @MrSteltman
  • Jennifer Casa-Todd – @JCasaTodd
  • Charles Pascal – @cepascal
  • Anthony Perrotta – @aperrottatweets
  • Diana Maliszewski – @MzMollyTL
  • Dave Frazer – @teslontario
  • David Petro – @davidpetro314

This week’s show:

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Technology Troubleshooting

This wasn’t a recent trouble to shoot but one that I had to work through as the curating tool that I had been using went to a paid subscription. Surely, there would be something free.

Wakelet came on the scene and I love it. This week, they offered an online course and a test to become Wakelet Certified. The course is available here.

Upon conclusion, I got this cool badge.

Video of the Week

Well, that solves that.

Photo of the Week

Sunset! Jaimie and I had just returned from our evening walk and I saw this fabulous ending of the day and grabbed it with my phone.

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Whatever happened to …

… paging?

It was a banner week. I got two suggestions for the “Whatever happened to …” post. Sheila Stewart was first with this one and stay tuned for Alfred Thompson’s idea next week.

So, Sheila was inspired by last week’s post about crank phone calls and that lead to this discussion.

Ian and I were recently talking about pre-cell phone days and having to page friends/family members in large venues, stores etc to locate them. One time I had to page him in Superstore “I was waiting by the vegetables the whole time” he claims lol. If you want to do a WHT.. paging

That got me thinking for a second. I used to hear those type of paging calls over the speakers in big department stores all the time. I can’t recall the last time I did, however. It’s easy to get lost in the long, loaded aisles.

Photo by Fikri Rasyid on Unsplash

It did bring back a memory once “Attention shoppers, we have a lost child at the front of the story wearing …”. I happened to be near the front at the time and saw this sobbing child missing parents.

Of course, as Sheila mentions, we all (or most of us) are permanently connected via our cell phones these days. If I’m with you and I get lost, you can just call or text me. As I just typed that sentence, I’m mindful that it happens to me all the time. I get distracted and my wife who is more on task will reach out to me. Or, I’ll get a message on the message centre in my car “When will you be home?”

But, yes Sheila, there was a time when the only option was to go to the help desk and ask for someone to be paged and report to the front of the store or wherever. I wonder if the modern cell phone solution just makes us too accessible. I’m thinking of being at a conference and someone needing me for some reason – I’m just a text away.

Your thoughts for this Sunday morning …

  • do you remember a time when public paging in a store really was a thing?
  • have you ever had to page someone else because they’ve gone missing?
  • while most of us are connected via cell phone, a lot of kids aren’t but you don’t hear them being paged. Why?
  • do you ever regret giving our your cell phone number to someone and they use it to connect for any reason whatsoever?
  • who remembers the store itself blaring “Attention K-Mart Shoppers …”
  • if you were looking for me, where do you figure I’d be most likely to be found? How about you? Where do you go most frequently in a store?
  • somewhat related to this, I can remember a time when there was always music playing over the sound system – particularly during Christmas shopping season – but I can’t recall the last time I ever heard music in a store. Any speculation why?

As always, I’d be most interested in your thoughts to the above or anything else that springs to mind.

If you have an idea for a future post, please reach out to me with your suggestion.

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OTR Links 10/24/2021

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