My Week Ending 2021-10-03

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


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  • It should come as no surprise that parents and teachers are not happy with the return to school plans
  • Buying a smartwatch was one of the best things that I ever did for staying connected – here are some things to consider before buying


  • I shared this link a few times last week about books from Indigenous writers and will do so again here
  • I’ll bet that if kids paid taxes, the Ontario government would find some way to make sure that they get tested like businesses do


  • The University of Windsor lights up in orange
  • Jobs in Ontario just got a little safer as the government hires more than 100 new inspectors


  • A powerful post from Pav Wander that resurfaced in an article about a local teacher getting student names right
  • Do I want sites to know that I’m a slow reader? This new feature in Google Chrome will let them know if I go idle


  • Great news for those 39 miners who were trapped underground in Sudbury
  • Some tips for using a password manager at least for now as services try to take us passwordless


  • I thought that this was pretty cool – it’s a collection of places in Ontario that served as locations for television shows
  • A sad “sign of the times” story about searching for more unmarked graves – this time at the former Mount Elgin Indian Residential School


  • From an “On this Day” site, it notes that the very first Peanuts comic was published
  • It’s always important to keep your browser and computer updated – this time it’s serious for Google Chrome

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But, we were back at it on Wednesday and he had me adjusting things on my end!

I told him that I hadn’t touched a thing since the previous show and he indicated that he gets that all the time. Honestly, I recently hadn’t. But I did the adjustment and the podcast sounded as good as it’s going to get with my horrible voice.

Video of the Week

The story of us” is a must view series for Canadians (and others who are interested in Canada)

Photo of the Week

Another picture from the Uncommon Festival – our local bookstore

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Whatever happened to …

… school naming?

Growing up, it seemed so simple. I went to Clinton Public School and Central Huron Secondary School. Then, it was on to the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, University of Windsor… It really was simple; just name the school after the community that it was situated in.

Then, I started thinking about high school sports. In Huron County, we played against Seaforth District High School, Goderich District Collegiate Institute, South Huron District High School. Yeah, it was simple – except for the high school in Wingham – F.E.Madill Secondary School. That was a little different; it was probably named after some guy named Madill. Occasionally, we’d go to Perth County and they had location named schools too. Mitchell District High School, Listowel District Secondary School, Stratford Central Secondary School, Stratford Northwestern, and St. Marys District Collegiate and Vocational Institute. Madill really was the outlier. It wasn’t until going to the Faculty of Education where I learned the difference between a high school, a secondary school, a collegiate and a collegiate and vocational Institute. Whew! There’s a lot going on there.

Catholic schools seemed to be easier; just name it after a saint or a parish. In town, there was a St. Joseph’s Catholic School and now a St. Anne’s Catholic School in my old elementary school’s back yard.

What got me going on this was what’s happening in our town. Our long standing high school is going to merge with another school and move to a brand new building. And, “we’re” having a difficult time coming up with a name. The old schools – General Amherst High School and Western Secondary School will lost their current identity and form something new. Think Phoenix, will you?

It’s certainly hit the news:

The problem lies in the name of General Amherst High School. As with so many incidents of truth and reconciliation, General Amherst and his actions have made naming a new school in his name impossible. The plot thickens because his name is in the name of the town so Amherstburg High School or any permutation isn’t something that the school board will accept. As you note from the articles, this feeling isn’t shared by everyone.

So, for a Sunday, how about proposing solutions to a real world problem.

  • should school districts name schools after local historical figures?
  • should school districts adopt a standard convention about naming a school?
  • what would you recommend for a name for a new school that will be an amalgamation or two former schools? Something that shows a combination or something completely new?
  • before this blog post, did you know about Jeffrey Amherst?
  • are there schools in your district that are named after historical figures without a clean past? Should they be renamed?
  • we’ve seen the decision of Toronto to rename Dundas Street – are there more streets that need to be changed?
  • should a community change its name if it’s named after a historical figure with a less than clean past?
  • could someone name a school after you?

I’d love to read your thoughts and suggestions. Please share them in the comments below.

This is a regular Sunday morning feature around here. You can find them all collected here. I’m always appreciative of suggestions for a post – just reach out to me.

OTR Links 10/03/2021

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