A park to ourselves

We’d been by this park it seems like a million times. A common passtime for us and Jaimie is to walk the pier and the jetty at Belle River, grab a coffee at Tim Horton’s and then drive out to Lighthouse Cove to see the Thames River where it empties into Lake St. Clair.

There are places that we pass on the way, notably the Stoney Point Tavern where we used to meet with my parents and great aunt and uncle for chicken and frog’s legs, and just the beauty of the drive along the lake.

On the north side of County Road 2, we would see a sign identifying the Ruscom Shores Conservation Area. We’ve never stopped because our coffee wasn’t done but we’d always say “we should go there sometime”. After all, it sounds so good.

Situated alongside Lake St. Clair, Ruscom Shores Conservation Area is an attractive natural marshland area with a well-managed trail ideal for some outdoor enjoyment and tranquility.   Ruscom Shores represents one of only two marshes still in existence on Essex County’s north shoreline. This area also supports a habitat restoration area. This quaint 120 acre Conservation Area, designated an Environmentally Significant Area, is great for peaceful walks and nature viewing. Ruscom Shores is perfect for spotting shorebirds, waterfowl and other spring migrants, as well as many prairie plants.

Recently, it was different. Looking for a walking place, we decided to start there and get a coffee later. It was a beautiful day and the weather forecasters were predicting that it might be the last nice day of the fall so we were off.

Except for the young lady cutting grass in the parking lot, we had the entire place to ourselves. It was awesome.

It almost seemed like an un-nature walk because the path was so well maintained but it did wander through a mixed tree forest and ended up at a viewing tower. I took some pictures.

It was an easy walk. I’ve done many trails in Huron, Bruce, and Grey counties where you are really put to the test. It was a reminder that Essex County is pretty much flat everywhere. Of course, the star of the show was Jaimie who explored as only a dog could.

And, yes, we did stop in Belle River for a coffee on the way home. It was a re-jig of an outing and we really enjoyed it.

The coffee strategy played out well and we hope to repeat it and hopefully have the entire park to ourselves again.

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