Happy Thanksgiving

I’d like to take the time to thank everyone profusely for dropping by and reading this blog – daily or periodically – it’s so nice to have you drop by as you can.

Thanksgiving was always a special day in both our families. My wife grew up on a farm so there’s that connection. My family interacted with farms through dad’s work and we were fortunate enough to work on farms as kids. Both of us appreciate the efforts that farmers go through to keep us fed. For them, particularly in these difficult times, thank you so much.

For us these days, we’re trying to make memories for our kids and their families. This year will be no different but I will confess that we go with Butterballs rather than picking out a live turkey as the main event.

In education, I still have remembrances of the week after Thanksgiving and how everyone had turkey sandwiches in their lunch bags. To my wife’s chagrin, my favourite take to work was always peanut butter and jam but I did the turkey thing myself.

In education, Thanksgiving comes at such a significant time. After September which is always a busy month, it’s a day to recharge and reload. To those educators who might be reading this, I hope that you’re taking the most from the day off.

And, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a visit to WKRP. This is quite possibly the best clip ever in comedy television.

However you recognize or celebrate Thanksgiving, really do it.

As our world inches closer to a return to reality, we truly have something to give thanks for this year.

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