Last weekend, Jaimie and I noticed stronger worded No Trespassing signs at the school that we walk by every day. By the time we’d walked the distance of the school on the highway, we had to count at least 10 of these signs.

Last night on the six o’clock news, there was a report that got into more detail about what’s going on.

Vandalism and property damage reported at Windsor-Essex public parks

Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain was interviewed about his community’s decision to shut down the public washrooms earlier than normal.

All appear to be a reaction to challenges laid on social media to do damage. Follow this link, if you’re interested, and you’ll stories from all over the place about damage being done as a result of this challenge.

How does this affect us?

It gets a bit personal; Jaimie and I enjoy walking the pier and park in Belle River. Our trip is typically me sipping on a coffee and he in the back urging “Faster, faster”. When we get there, both of us feel the call of nature. He has all kinds of options; for me, it’s the public restrooms.

We do expect that the public washrooms will be shut down for the winter; I can’t believe that they’d be winterized but they typically are replaced by port-a-johns. However those seem to be the target of these vandals as well.

Social media is now prohibiting certain hashtags to try and curb this. But, we’ve heard of these challenges since school resumed. Why has it taken so long?

Has your section of the world been affected?

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