Having a PLN

In case you missed it, Sylvia Duckworth released another of her wonderful Sketchnotes last week.

This time, it deals with reasons why you should have a PLN.

It’s well worth sharing for those who aren’t connected well with other educators or organizations.  I strongly agree with all of the 10 points in the Sketchnote.

Once you do have that “PLN”, whether you call the P Personal or Professional, it’s equally important that you work it.

As we tell our students, just because it’s on the internet doesn’t necessarily make it true.  You need to be a discerning user when you connect; like any topic you can find any opinion whether they be good or they be bad.

It’s also important to give back.  The whole concept of networking and professional growth works best when you have many powerful voices in your network – including yours.

Next time you hear someone say “I’m connected” or “I gots a PLN”, stop for a moment and ask them what it means to them.  Could you help them make it even better?

For yourself, you’ll be that much richer.  And, fully knowing of the risk and dangers of omission …

And, I could go on forever but you can see those who I’ve put into Twitter Lists.

Paper.li creates newsletters of the best of these that I devour daily as part of my learning.

I have added this Sketchnote to my Sylvia collection on Flipboard.

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