Ziglar Quotes

I got on a bit of a roll because of a few things.

Saturday, a number of us on the Bring IT, Together Conference committee met in London to evaluate the sessions submitted for inclusion in the conference.  There were so many great proposals, including a couple that talked about how to make better presentations instead of the regular “Death by Powerpoint” ones.  (One of their terms, not mine.  Any tool can be used to bore your audience)

Another thing was the quite interesting collection of quotations from Wititude that I used as the basis for yesterday’s post.  There are some great things there and the current format for creating memes with a graphic and a quote are featured there nicely.

Then, this morning, I read this story “Top 51 Motivational Quotes From Zig Ziglar“.  Now, I’m not sure these are the absolutely top 51 but they’re all good and I can see using them in a number of scenarios.

Including as a slide in a presentation.  Just because I hadn’t done anything in Canva for a while, I thought that I’d turn a couple of the quotes into a slide.

First this one…

and then this one.

The proposals that have been accepted for the conference are going to be awesome.  The first round of invitations should be sent out shortly.  If you’re in that last list (or just have to do a presentation or would like to enhance something that you’re creating), you might want to consider the quote meme.  It can be very powerful and attractive.

Now, if I could only come up with something pithy to say, I might just end up being quoted.

In the meantime, check out the 51 quotes in the link above.  I’m sure you’re find a use for some of them.  And, if you can’t find any there, go to the top of the site to see quotes from many others.

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Wititudes for the smile

If you enjoy a smile, then you’ll break out from ear to ear at this website.

In the meantime, you might find some inspiration for a presentation or a publication or, hey, even a blog post.

With graphics organized into these categories, how can you not miss?

  • Advice
  • Deep Thoughts
  • Existence
  • Flirting
  • Friends
  • Getting Older
  • Holidays
  • Lists
  • Poll
  • Relationships
  • Snark
  • Weekend
  • Work

Enjoy, and don’t forget that you may have other things to do today.

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Whatever happened to …

… Filemaker Pro?

Life was good for me working databases.  I became pretty proficient working with Microsoft Access and had so many things that were database-able tucked away in them.

Then, I started to work with a superintendent who was a Macintosh fanatic.  It was all or nothing there.  He liked his databases too and it’s important to share, right?  That pretty much made me sit down and learn how to program and convert my stuff to Filemaker Pro.  Before long, my work habits mirrored his because we shared so much.  Even things like form letters were done that way so that we could share that.  The standing joke was that you could tell who created the letter because the default font was different on Windows than it was on the Macintosh.

We also became competitive, trying to outscript each other in our work.  We’d add features to databases that nobody would ever use but it was fun just trying to outdo him.  In case he’s reading this, I never could outdo him.  But it was fun trying.

I had this huge database of Webquests that I ported over so that he could make reference to them but I also kept and maintained the Access version because I had it programmed to work on the web.  That’s the nice thing about the web – people don’t necessarily know or care what’s driving it.  They just look for results.

For the desktop, Filemaker Pro was very nice.  You could browse, create layouts, and preview all in one spot without going to another application.

Ontario Educators will have fond? memories of the electronic report card coming in Filemaker Pro format and then a company taking off and enhancing it.  It was the focus of so many of my workshops.  I swear that I could do them in my sleep!  I was fortunate enough to work with a couple of secretaries and an administrative assistant that learned the program inside and out.  I could start a project and email it to them and it came back incredibly sophisticated.  

I was also on the OSAPAC Committee that licensed the product for use by all Ontario teachers.  More workshops.  We had a favourite teacher who would always call in to see when the next File Pro Maker workshop would be.  Despite not knowing the name, she did amazing things with the program.

As with many things, Filemaker Pro continues to be under development and is now up to release 15 but it doesn’t appear in the current OSAPAC listing of software titles.  There are so many powerful alternatives – Excel, Google Sheets, SQL, If you want to see what’s up now, Filemaker is active on Twitter.

Where does it fit into Ontario education these days?

For this Sunday, some questions:

  • Have you ever developed a database application in Filemaker Pro?
  • Do you have a need for a database in the things you do on a computer?
  • What sorts of things do you collect that would be suitable for inclusion in a database?
  • If you’re not using a Filemaker Pro version, what are you using instead?

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

As I said last Sunday, “I’m liking this Sunday post and want to make it a “Whatever happened to …” regular feature, at least until I run out of ideas!  I’ve put a link at the top of the page here so that you can see them all.  I’ve also added a link to a Padlet if you want to stir up stuff for me”.

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A whole lot of rolling

I will admit it.  One of my favourite toys these days is my Sphero.  I make no apologies for playing with it in the rec room when nobody is around.

There’s something about controlling a device that has always intrigued me.  Plus, there’s just something that’s so much fun about chasing the dog around.  I just need to be able to train him to roll it back to me.  When not doing that, I like to program it to run an obstacle course, changing colours at each turn.

I have a folder on my iPad devoted to apps that are “keepers” for Sphero.  I’ll download new ones as I find them but the ones that have hung on are:  The Sphero App (of course), Draw & Drive, Chromo, Drive, Lightning Lab, and Tickle.  I’m always on the lookout for new ones so please feel feel to suggest others.

At times, though, it would just be nice to have a few more ideas about what to do with Sphero.

The goldmine of inspiration can be found here, on the Sphero Education Pinterest board.

It’s full of all kinds of ideas to get even more productive with the device and your imagination.

There are 13 boards here with topics like SPRK Examples, SPRK Stories, Teacher Inspiration, …

If you’re a user of Sphero in your classroom, definitely check this out.  If you’re looking to convince someone with a budget to buy you some, show them the great ideas that inspire young programmers here.  If you have a dog, …