A colourful post

OK, here’s a simple question.

Describe to me the colour Red.

It’s not as easy as you might think.

How about Green?

Or Blue?

It’s actually something that computers do very well that we struggle with.

Red is 255.

Anyone who’s played around with the colour chooser in Photoshop knows that.

Anyone who’s ever mixed paint knows that a mixture of colours will generate a new colour.  In fact, on your computer, any combination of Red, Green, and Blue will give you all the colours that your computer can display.  There are tools that will give you the right combination to give you exactly the colour that you want.  (or you can do it manually which can be frustrating at times!)

So, grounded in the basics, can you eyeball and make an educated guess as to colour?

If you said yes or you’re curious, you need to check out the RGBChallenge.

It’s simple to play and will test your blending knowledge.

Which of the three samples is generated by the RGB given?


I had to try many times to fail just for the screen capture.  <grin>

It’s a nice little time suck that will get your blending skills perfected.

How about your students?  This is a skill for the next digital artist.  Or maybe someone working in the paint section of the hardware store for the summer.

Give it a shot and have fun.


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