It’s not that I don’t trust Alfred

Yesterday was a hot day.  

So hot, in fact, that I decided to wear my bathing suit with an old crappy t-shirt while I walked the dog because I knew that a swim would be in order after a long hot, humid walk.

We went through our get ready routine which involves a leash for him, my headphones with music, and my phone.  It’s a routine that we’ve mastered for a long time now.

And, we’re off.

Now, I’d been playing with this “trusted” feature and really enjoying it.  Basically, you set it up to recognize when I’m wearing my watch or if I’m at home and it trusts that it’s me that’s using the phone.  That means that I don’t have to enter a code or pattern to unlock it.  It just knows that it’s me and doesn’t require it.  So far, it’s been a real productivity gain.

My phone is in my bathing suit pocket.  Upon later reflection, the rest of this story could have been avoided had I been wearing a Speedo but those days are behind me.

I’m walking and feeling the phone banging against my thigh and I guess that I should have expected that.  

I get a notification from Alfred Thompson that his latest “Interesting Links” post is up.  So, I grab my phone to see what he’s found this time; he’s usually good for a bunch of links to resources.  I scan through them, seeing his reference to me spelling “colours” as it should be north of Lake Erie.  Then, I click the lock and put the phone back in my pocket.  The banging resumes.

Unknown to me though, is that I think this banging was actually brushing the front of the phone, unlocking it since the phone was trusting that it was me holding it.  I pulled the phone out again just to double check what Alfred had said.

Now, somewhere in all this mix, the phone had taken a picture and posted it to Facebook.  I didn’t know this until later I got a question from my friend Diane.  Actually, it was more of a question mark.

I grabbed my phone to see what she was asking about.  

Apparently, I had taken a picture of the sky with a thread from my old ratty t-shirt in the foreground.  I can understand her question – normally this phone takes an awesome picture.  This was anything but.  To make matters worse, I had posted another out of focus sky picture too.  

I was going to stop and explain but I got the look from Jaimie that I need to pick up the pace and stop messing around with the phone!

I did what I could – I replied Art and then did continue our pace.

The lesson here?

  • Don’t walk the dog while wearing a bathing suit.
  • Don’t take the phone with me – wait, let’s not get carried away.
  • Maybe go old school and not try out every new feature I find.

I’ve opted for the second option.  

At least for today.



OTR Links 06/22/2016

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