Forest Change

Long time readers won’t be surprised when I confess to spending a great deal of time exploring the Global Forest Change Resource.

Visualization is so powerful and this resource from the University of Maryland, Google Earth Engine, and Science in the Classroom provides a powerful resource for seeing exactly what’s happening with our planet and forest change.

Of course, there are the usual suspects when you think about a topic like this.  I poked around looking there but spent time focused at home.


Results are coded by colour


and the maps are choosable via flyout on the left side of the screen.


Viewers are guided by regions within the categories of Countries, Ecoregions, or Hotspots.


Within the Hotspots categories, a probing question invites you to dig into the story behind the image.


A curriculum document/worksheet is also available to guide students through some of the issues that are behind the visualizations.

It’s a powerful display of an important concept for students and society.  While the worksheet will get you started, the data visualization will allow you to go deeper than the traditional materials that you are already using.  You’ll also be able to quickly explore other areas and regions and, importantly, take a look at little closer to home.

With the ability to overlay the imagery on the satellite view or the regular road view (and changing the opacity), you control the context of what you see.

This is a very powerful tool.  Take some time to evaluate and decide just how it will fit into your classroom.


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