Time to reflect

Teaching is such a busy profession.  In the last week before the summer break, it becomes even busier.  Teachers are:

  • finishing administrative work
  • packing and cleaning classrooms
  • planning to take home so many personal artifacts that you brought in this year
  • finding things in places that you didn’t know existed
  • some are packing to move to a new classroom
  • some are packing to move to a new school
  • some are packing to move to a new job/position/life choice
  • doing inventory
  • getting ready to take summer courses
  • planning to deliver professional learning opportunities
  • and so much more…

I think that it’s time, in Ontario, to take a collective sigh and read this article from the Kenora Daily Miner and News.

More high school graduates in Ontario today than ever

It’s an uplifting story and I hope that it gives you pause for reflection.

Statistics like those included in the story aren’t generated by accident.  They’re a result of great efforts by a system, a school, and importantly, the group of teachers that impact on student learnings and attitudes.

In no small part, this means you.

This is such a powerful message from Lord Baden-Powell.

That’s what good teachers do.

As you’re going through the hectic things that you’re doing, consider all that you did during the past year to make things better for your students.

It’s a worthy activity to make your own Top Ten List.  Whether or not you share it with others is up to you.  

Through all the trials and challenges of teaching which can sometimes monopolize so much of your thinking, there’s been so much good that happened.  Focus on that as you wrap things up and it’s the nature of the profession that you’re already planning for September.


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