Office resources

There are so many very good Microsoft Office resources available for classroom use.

Of course, to find them all, you could “Bing” them.

Or, you could rely on the efforts of others to collect and share resources.  This is the case with a Symbaloo created by Jenny Dutton.

OK, that was a copy/paste/remix job from yesterday’s post about Google resources.

In consideration of equal time, I’d like to offer this Symbaloo for those who use Office instead.

Microsoft users will recognize the colour coordination of the buttons.  The presentation takes a different approach.  Each of the buttons actually pop up menus linking to the additional resources.  The bottom line here is that there is far more available than what appears on the surface.

As I mentioned yesterday, if you don’t have a Symbaloo account, you should poke around and see the resources that others have curated and consider joining in.

You can visit this Symbaloo “Microsoft Office Training” by clicking here.  The original Office Training Symbaloo can be found here.


OTR Links 06/21/2016

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