I was going to title this post "Why you need to have gas stations on opposite sides of the main street" but then realized that it would require four stations by the time you're done.  And, if you have an interesting main street, it could be even more.  But, it didn't makes sense. I was … Continue reading Whew!


OTR Links 06/07/2016

Leslie Boerkamp on Twitter: "Finished GHO to plan NEW social event #BIT16 @BringIT2016 @dougpete @pmcash @sylviaduckworth @watnunu @KimPollishuke https://t.co/Pr9cBRjeXr" I'm excited by the prospect. https://t.co/DrulrAMfTw — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) June 7, 2016 tags: IFTTT Twitter via:packrati.us Which search tool should I use: Free Classroom Poster — Edgalaxy: Cool Stuff for Nerdy teachers Which search tool … Continue reading OTR Links 06/07/2016