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When you’re not from a particular town or city, you never really fully understand the history of the place.  So much is told in the buildings and architecture.  Downtown Windsor is such a place for me.  You can drive around and look at the spectacular buildings and homes and just imagine the stories that go along with them.  You recognize part of the history from the names of the places.  There are so many locations with “Walker” in their names or anything with “shire” in it.   Sometimes buildings actually have the name of a local historical person attached.

Such is the Paul Martin Sr. Building in the heart of the city.  It’s a building that I’ve driven by many times.  It’s such a beautiful building that would have been far more magnificent in its day.  These days, sidewalkers need to be protected from falling pieces from structure.  It’s so sad.

Last night, while watching the evening news, they reported that the Federal Government is committing $6M towards restoring the outside of the building.

Now, short of hopping into the car and driving in to take a look to see the “before” picture, I did what any digital citizen would do…I loaded Google Maps, zoomed into downtown Windsor and did a streetview look at the building.  It’s a discovery activity that I really enjoy doing.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ll do the same thing to get my bearings before a Formula 1 race.  It’s probably more useful there since I can’t just get in the car and drive to Catalunya.

Now, Google Maps shows the images as it does its drive-by pictures.  There’s so much more in this day of taking pictures and tagging them by location. 

Another way to explore a location is through Google Views.  Just the random landing page when you launch views is worth the trip to the site.  Clicking on any of the location dots takes you in to a picture and story that go with it.  In my mind, it was like my Streetview routine but powered by images provided by the user rather than the Google images.

At this point, I’ll admit to losing focus — big time.

I launched Google Views and headed to downtown Windsor to look for dots.

What I found consumed the rest of my waking hours!  As you might expect, there is a rich collection of pictures taken along the Sculpture Gardens and Riverside Drive, many featuring the Detroit skyline.  It was like feeding time at the zoo for me.  I want another one and then another one and then another one….  There were also images of what Google calls Photo Spheres.  I’d call them panoramas but hey…

I did eventually remember what I was looking for but, sadly, there was no complete image of the Paul Martin St. building.  But, there sure was a lot else!

For the geo-picture lover, this is awesome.  In the classroom where you’re trying to put a location in context, the combination of Google Streetview and Google Views just can’t be beat.

Oh, and here’s the view from the Spanish Grand Prix!



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