Finally Meeting Vicky (Sort of…)

I thought it was just a year ago, but it turns out that it was well over two years ago that I interviewed Vicky Loras for this blog.

Her recent adventures at the time had made me such a fan and so curious about the details.  Here was a young lady from Canada who moves half a world away to Switzerland to start her own educational business with her sister.  It was such an interesting career move.

I’d followed her for quite a while on Twitter and we’d become friends on Facebook.  In addition to the Loras Network, I always thought that she exemplified the best in being connected.  It seemed like every time I turned around, she was connecting with friends and educators, learning and sharing resources, and then heading off to another country for yet another English Language Learning conference.

Through my connection with Vicky, I’ve extended my learning with a network of European and Asian educators.  The sharing of resources and images has been such a rich learning experience for me.

On her blog, Vicky interviews people from her world and i was completely honoured when she asked me a couple of months ago to be her project for May.  How could I say no?

I did point out that I have really poor connectivity here but we decided to move ahead anyway.  Then, it was synchronizing ourselves for the time difference between Ontario and Switzerland.  The hour finally arrived and there she was, inviting me to the interview and my phone and iPad were ringing with the invitation.  Sadly, my computer wasn’t!

We negotiated back and forth and finally managed to establish a connection half an hour after the scheduled start time and, we were off.  The audio wasn’t the greatest and it dropped itself completely before we finished but, ever the professional, Vicky just started another session and so the interview was actually a two-parter! 

In the end, it all came together, and she posted both parts to her blog.

And, I echo her sentiments. 

While our interview was the closest that we’ve come to actually meeting, it does seem like we’ve known each other forever.

Thank you so much, Vicky mou.


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