Education is a Complicated Mechanism

Fly into any classroom, be a fly on the wall and you’ll see so many fidgety beings trying their best (or not) to engage in the current activity or lesson.    The ringmaster (or teacher) is there doing her/his best teaching, learning, facilitating, negotiating, organizing, begging, warning, managing, listening, talking, …

Thank goodness for the preparation period.  It’s a time to leave the room to kick back and relax or even perhaps get ready for the next lesson.



Forget the classroom being so complicated – be a drone and hover over the entire building and see what makes all of the various parts work.

That’s what Andrew Campbell tried to capture via crowd source using the hashtags #MyPrepTime and #4MyStudents.

To make it easier to handle, he’s created a Storify document which he calls the “Best” of the hashtag responses.

I think we’ve all seen individual responses, articles, blog posts of single education voices describing this.

What’s unique about this document is that it’s an entire profession shedding light about what makes schools work in addition to the times when a teacher is at the front of the class in the classroom.  The best part?  The comments aren’t negative.  It’s just a story of everyone pitching in to make school the best place for the students to be.

The content reaches into every facet of what makes a school successful, an integral part of the community and child’s social and educational life.

Next time you see a naysayer talking about the cushy 9-3 job, send them this link.


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