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It’s another week and another look at the blogs from Ontario Edubloggers.  Where does the time go?  There’s always great things available for reading from colleagues across the province (and one in Switzerland this week).  I’m always curious to see how many times I’ve written this post as it appears in the URL to avoid duplication.  This is the 156th edition.

Five Things Video Game Makers Club Taught Me

Kids like to create and Liam O’Donnell is there to guide.  I know that some people get turned off when the concept of games appears in educational talk.  But, until you’ve worked with students trying to code their own game, you don’t realize that it’s one of the most difficult things for kids to do.  And yet, it’s an activity that they really want to attend to detail.  And, it’s an activity that’s never done.  “We could just add this….”

I like the five points in this post….

3.  A Video Game Might Be a Movie, too

4.  Being a Noob Teacher is Best

You’ll have to read the entire post to see what points #1, 2, and 5 are.  I think that Liam has really nailed it with this post.

Personally, I Blog…

Sheila Stewart and I had a little private discussion going back and forth based on the content of a blog post from Sue Waters.  I challenged her to write her own post and she did.  Nathan Hall ended up with a starring role in her post as Sheila quoted content from a recent post of his.

If there’s any doubt that we’re all weaving the web with each post, read it once for her content and then read it again to see the connections that she’s making.  We always talk about students making connections – is there any better way than blogging?

I Told Two Friends and so on….

Sue Bruyns was tagged by yours truly about “Make School Different” and responded with one of her own.  In this post, she took things to the next level as she tagged five others.  Into the middle, though, was a comment from a colleague who told her “that blogging was a self-indulgent exercise”.  That phrase has been nagging me for a bit but every time, I come back to Joel Barker’s Starfish Story.

I feel sorry for her colleague who feels that way and I hope she can find time to rethink and even use the Starfish Story as a launchpad to thinking about it differently.

Just think back to life before blogging and how things had no option except to be bottled up inside or shared with one or two colleagues.  Now, to get input and thoughts globally is such a game changer.

My #YoungerTeacherSelf post for @joannacre’s blog challenge

Vicky Loras is an amazing Ontario educational entrepreneur who runs her own school in Switzerland.  We interact so frequently on Twitter and Facebook that I feel like I know her personally.  I don’t, but if I ever get to Zug, I’m looking her up.

This week, she participated in a meme where she wrote a post giving advice to her younger self.

It’s a fascinating and personal read that concludes with “Whatever you do, don’t stop learning“.  The entire post is a wonderful piece written to her younger self who had aspirations to be lawyer.  I’ll bet her students are so glad that she didn’t make that career choice.

Read her entire post to find out what other gems of advice she gave herself.

This looks like a great meme to be part of.  If you’re looking for a premise to blog, don’t look any further.

OAME 2015, post 1 of 3: Dial it Back

As the title would imply, Vera Teschow shared a triplet of posts from the OAME 15 Conference from last week.  Check out also:
OAME 2015, Post 2 of 3: Bridge Building
OAME 2015, Post 3 of 3: Our Turn

The collection is a nice round up of the conference from the eyes of an attendee.  It starts with a look at the keynote (and selfies) of Day Meyer and concluded with thoughts of her own presentation.

If you couldn’t be at OAME, you’ll be able to enjoy it through her reflections.  I’ll admit to being hooked with her first post identifying “Myths of Mathematical Engagement”.

Another week, and another collection of amazing thoughts from Ontario Educators.  Please visit these posts and share a little blogging love.  You can view my entire list of Ontario Edubloggers here.


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