Hooked on Mathematics Knowledge

Ontario Mathematics teachers would be well advised to bookmark and monitor this site.


The user @knowledgehook ended up following me on Twitter recently.  I always investigate who is following me and this account descriptor sounded really interesting.  However, once I started to dig into the site, I got really interested.  This is a Mathematics Startup with resources specifically designed with Ontario Mathematics expectations in mind.

I did contact the company and had an interesting exchange with one of their staff and gained an invitation to the Alpha testing program.  They’re about to go live with the Grade 9 resource soon.  (this week?)

You can never have enough good and engaging resources for any class and mathematics is no exception.

For some schools, the focus on EQAO isn’t a priority this year but it is for others and a resource that helps learn mathematics skills can’t be ignored.  Designed especially for the Ontario Curriculum puts this over the top.

The website highlights “low tech requirements” but with BYOD and board investment in technology that may not be a big issue.  The bigger issue will be to use what you have in the best pedagogical manner.  It’s all web-based so there’s nothing to install.  Just create a teacher account and pass along the PIN number to your students.  The best part about being part of the Beta team is that you’re not working with a shipping product that you have to use as they present it.   You’ll be able to provide feedback on its development.

If you’re a teacher of mathematics, then this is definitely a resource to keep an eye on.


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