CSTA’s 2015 Annual Conference is Drawing Near

With the Computer Science Teachers Association’s annual conference coming up in July there are a few things we thought you should know now that we’ve sprung into spring and we’re less than two months away: – Several workshops are at, or nearing capacity – There will be NO onsite registration for workshops, so if youContinue reading “CSTA’s 2015 Annual Conference is Drawing Near”

OTR Links 05/17/2015

Cliff Kraeker on Twitter: “20 Google Tools T’s need to try and use via @dougpete @DailyGenius http://t.co/tw5lTVFqa4 Scroll down 4 links #tvdsb http://t.co/3RqTuRIJyM” RT @kraekerc: 20 Google Tools T’s need to try and use http://t.co/kjptuwZUjN Scroll down 4 links #tvdsb pic.twitter.com/76o6IcZf2U — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) May 17, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter http://www.flickr.com New #Sketchnote: 15Continue reading “OTR Links 05/17/2015”