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If you look at the URL for this post, you’ll see a “-101” at the end of it.  For those, like me, who are too lazy to create a unique URL for each post, this is WordPress’ way of creating it for you.  So, last Friday, it would have been “-100”.  To celebrate the fact that I had written the same blog post 100 times, I went about going through all of them and was working on a chart tallying how many times I had made reference to individual Ontario Education Blogs.

Then, five things happened.

  • I did the math and realized that that was actually the 101st post since the first one wouldn’t have had a digit tacked onto the end of it;
  • A friend once told me that a blogger is only as good as her/his last post;
  • I turned off the computer without saving the document;
  • I decided to blog about some of the writing from edcampSWO and edcampldn instead;
  • It was tedious work and I lost interest.

It also was a redundant task since the list of all the Ontario Edublogs that I’ve found were already listed in the Livebinder anyway.

All that it was going to do was give me the number of times that I’d made reference to individual blogs.  That was only the ones that I had included in the post.  I read much more than that regularly anyway.  The bottom line is that I appreciate so much those who continue to share their learning online.  So, hats off to you.  Keep up the great work.

This week, I enjoyed more great reading.  Here’s some of it.

Questions Circling Around in my Head

Jennifer Aston shared some thoughts about inquiry.  The post started with her observation of it in action in classrooms that she visited and concluded with an inquiry of her own.  In the post, she shared this image about engagement.

I skimmed over it the first time but then revisited it and it made me do some wondering on my own.  In particular, I was curious about the size of the various elements.  That would be an interesting discussion.  I would hope that nobody would interpret them as static and that they would grow and shrink depending upon the moment.

My first thought here is “here’s what to spend money on when you’ve bought everything else”.
Then, I read the rest of James Cowper’s post to see his rationale for doing this.  I also followed the link to the DNA testing site to see their rationale for why someone would want to do this.  Very interesting.
It does make you think about nature versus nuture.
Knowing James, this will turn into a learning activity for his entire school!

Weekly Challenge # 30 – Recognizing our #EnviroEd Mentors or Being More than a Retweet

Rob Ridley wrote one of those posts that make you feel guilty.  Yes, I was a scout but my environmental efforts these days involve keeping my own yard clean and picking things up while dog walking.

What a great question.  Does Environmental Empathy permeate everything or are events just restricted to Earth Day?

Sorry I am Not That Teacher……

I’m glad that Brian Aspinall finally reworked his blog so that he could start blogging again.

In his latest post, he reflects on his own personal professional practice.

It’s an interesting read.

Have you ever noticed that nobody ever blogs the opposing point of view?  But then, again, they’re probably not bloggers anyway.

Math is Harder When Using an iPad

Read how Kristen Wideen reacted when her students threw that in her face.  Imagine – worksheets are easier!

Obviously, it’s not the mathematics – it’s the approach to mathematics that is different.  The post shares her thoughts about how she’s raising the mathematics bar in her classroom.

This is a good read and supports the case for doing different things with technology.  Can you imagine a world where all “students have to explain their thinking with pictures, numbers, words AND their voice.

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued attention to your blog and sharing such wonderful and motivating posts.  Please take a few moments to visit their blogs and read the entire post.

As always, check out the entire list of Ontario Edubloggers.  If you’re an Ontario Edublogger yourself, fill out the form and I’ll get you added to this great community.


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