Goodbye Thunder Bay

Tuesday was a busy day.  Up at 5:30am to head to Niagara Falls for a meeting about the #bit14 conference.  

I stopped in Essex for a coffee and checked my phone – message from Donna Fry about a change needed to her interview.  I was travelling light and really don’t feel great editing a blog on my phone.  It will have to wait until later.  

Later came much later and I was greeted at the door by Jaimie, my dog, who wanted to remind me that our 10,000 (20,000) step dog walking was well behind.  I made him happy, edited the post for Donna and then sat down to take a look at messages.

Well, it was my turn to get the new Twitter interface.  Cool.

So, I went from this …

…well something pretty ugly.  The background image was a picture from a friend’s place west of Thunder Bay catching a sunset.  It had been carefully resized and optimized for the best look on Twitter.  The new Twitter layout requires a wide picture and so it had become pixelated.  Goodbye picture.  It probably was a time for a change anyway.

Then, I started to think about digital life.  Everyone, including me, always seems to have a picture of tranquility.  Life online is anything but that.  Time to shift things.

In tribute to Jaimie, I had a picture of our most favourite place to walk.  Colchester Harbour.

A storm was rolling in and I managed to catch the waves.  There are time when my life feels like that.  I think it’s appropriate so will keep that for a while.

I had been reading that people were complaining about the new Twitter page looking like Facebook.  I guess there is kind of a likeness but I like the look.  It’s probably moot since I never look at it; I use Hootsuite.  The concept of a pinned Twitter message is nice.  I think I’ll get in the habit of pinning the link to my weekly This Week in Ontario Edublogs.  That would keep the great messages up front in case someone is curious.

Back to communications – lots of things on the go.  I could feel the waves getting rougher and rougher.  But, I thrive on this stuff.

I am sad to have to lose the Thunder Bay image but it will give me inspiration to go back there.  Maybe even see Donna again.  And, Lake Superior has waves that will challenge Lake Erie.  

OTR Links 04/27/2014

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